No Tree To Big

Emergency Tree Service

No Tree To Big! As you can see we can tackle the biggest of trees as well as the delicate pruning. Read More
Topping Trees

Topping Trees

We have two options when it comes to topping trees. Don't do it and really don't do it. This photo is of a complete tree removal. Check out our article on topping trees to learn more. Read More
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Yakima Tree Pruning

Wild Thing. Homeowners biggest fear is what to do with trees that have grown out of control. Read More

American Tree Trimmers Serving The Yakima Valleye

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American Tree Trimmers has been serving the Yakima Valley since 2005. We have pruned trees, trimmed trees and did our fair share of emergency tree removals over the years. Contact us for free estimates.

future-tree-trimmersAmerican Tree Trimmers is a family owned and operated full tree service located in Prosser Wa. We extend our service from Tri-Cities to Yakima. American Tree Trimmers has been a locally owned and operated business in the Yakima Valley since 2005.

            We highly pride ourselves on the fact there is not a job to big or to small.  We have successfully removed dangerous trees in tight areas along with large wind blown trees with the trunk diameter at 10 feet. To help you feel more comfortable our service is backed by the Better Business Bureau.

            At American Tree Trimmers we offer a full tree service from removing, yakima tree removalpruning, stump removal, shrub pruning and removal, we do a full clean up of all tree jobs unless the customer wants to do the clean up themselves, if the customer chooses to take the wood from a tree we will cut it into 16 inch pieces, any large rounds to big to handle we will cut into quarters to make it manageable for you. We offer free estimates and emergency tree services.

Feel free to contact us concerning referrals, we have a lot of happy customers who will gladly share their experiences with you.

We have spent a great deal of time fixing mistakes others have made.  Some folks will do work on their trees and quickly realize they are way in over their heads and others have used someone else to try and trim their trees with little success.  Let’s just say our experience will show in the quality of work provided to our customers and you will have no need to hire someone else to come in and clean up our mess.  We are the ones that end up cleaning someone else’s mess.

Our Specialties include

  • Tree pruning/thinning
  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Shrub trimming
  • Shrub removal
  • Full clean up
  • Emergency services
  • Dangerous tree removal
  • Rehabing trees that have been topped


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