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Importance of Pruning Trees

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pruning trees

The importance of pruning trees cannot be overstated.  We have witnessed many a different times when trees severely  damage surrounding properties.  The majority of time it is the trees that have never been pruned.  These weak branches will do more damage than harm. Responsible homeowners will pay the piper before property damage occurs.

Here is a list of Tree Pruning Benefits

•  Removal of dead, damaged, and diseased branches will help  prevent insects and decay organisms from entering a tree

  • Thinning a tree will increase air and sunlight for fewer disease problems
  • Removal of suckers eliminates weak wood and provides more    food and water for the tree
  • Eliminating crossing branches, weak or narrow crotches and removing co-dominate leaders (co-dominate leaders are 2 branches growing near the top of the tree) helps prevent branches from splitting and tearing wood that is often a problem in heavy winds
  • Correct pruning procedures create a strong tree structure, preventing safety hazards subject to storm damage
  • Dead, damaged, and diseased branches should be removed as soon as possible

Cleaning- removal of dead, dying, diseased crowded branches from the crown of the tree.

Pruning/Thinning- selected removal of branches to increase light and air movement through the crown, this reduces weight helps retain trees natural shape increases the safety of the tree in high winds.

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